It’s winter so let’s talk about a trend that is undoubtedly anti-winter: leisurecore. Leisurecore is a term I came up with last year to describe a type of girl who… well…….. She lounges.

A leisurecore girl is the grown-up version of Eloise at the Plaza with beach sand in her bag, the Reformation Babe if she wasn’t so corny and was more interested in fantasy-building. She wears flowing dresses and blouses that all have one thing in common - they must be easy to lay about in. You can find the leisurecore girl reclining on her lover’s bed, on a picnic blanket, or on the beach (the Rockaways cosplaying as Nice). While her style is similar to that of the Urban Prairie Girl, she strives for more. Her hobbies include having nipples, renting a sunlit apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn, sustainability”, and understanding the elegance of having no hobbies. Her diet of red wine, cheese and fruit also act as accessories to her image.

She wishes not to suggest material wealth through her expensive appearance but a primordial abundance. She works, but most of her money comes from her ability to look like she does not have a job.

You can imagine her scrolling from her bedroom, in high-waisted lingerie, with a bath towel wrapped around her head. She uses domestic space as a medium for her online promotion; her room is womb-like, an amniotic sac of plants and Matisse prints. Her style is womb-like too: there are no hard edges, only endless puffed sleeves. She is Jane Birkin with a comm. degree and an online shopping addiction.


Top by Fashion x Film; center by Isabelle Estrin for Arles Studio; bottom by Isabelle Estrin via Instagram.

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